How to create template

Basic creation method

  1. Create a folder dedicated to “editor-template-files” in the theme folder that you are using.

※ If it is already installed as a sample, skip it.

The folder name should be “editor-template-files” and beneath the theme folder.

/wp-content/themes/Your Theme Folder/editor-template-files/〜

  1. Create a new PHP file.

  2. Add the following code to make it recognized as a template.

* Editor Template Files Name: Sample Template
* Description: This is a Sample Template.
  1. Change the template name and description.
* Editor Template Files Name: テンプレート名を入れてください
* Description: テンプレートの説明を入れてください

String following "Editor Template Files Name:"
→ Template name

The string following "Description:"
→ Description of the template The string following Description: → Description of the template

Editor Template Files Name: "space"
“: “, Please put a space.

  1. Feel free to write the template inside class =" mceTmpl ".
<div class="mceTmpl">
	<!-- Add code below -->